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    Summary: - November 4-10, 2006


    None for this week.


    • Violation of SMTP protocol in Thunderbird
      • Hector reports two bugs:
        • Thunderbird ignores the SMTP protocol state machine by ignoring the 501 response codes. This has been filed as bugĀ 360118.
        • Thunderbird doesn't seem to have an option to set the client domain name (ELHO/HELO). This is already addressed in bugĀ 244030.
    • Interfacing with Thunderbird
      • Mark Bannister is looking for directions on interfacing Thunderbird with their project management database. Guenter has provided some sample code using the 'mailto:' method.


    • Calendar Project weekly status meeting - 2006/11/08 17:00 UTC
    • Calendar Project weekly QA Chat - 2006/11/09 16:30 UTC

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