Summary: mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird - September 30-October 06, 2006


  • Mac user needed
    • Scott MacGregor announced that .mac support and a dynamically add ISP account feature has been added to the Thunderbird account manager, however, testing is required before release can be issued. Hence, they are looking for a Mac user to test out the new features by building a mac.rdf file with all of the various .mac account properties mentioned in the document here.


  • Q & A
    • Q: Walt experienced an unusual behaviour in his build and wanted to perform an experiment to figure out the problem, but he couldn't find the mozilla.org's config file.
    • A: Robert Helmer pointed out the mozilla.org's config file could be found here and to look for
      -->end mozconfig<---------------------------------------- 
  • Updated: Developer documentation issues for Thunderbird 2
    • Eric Shepherd has requested feedback for any developer documentation issues that might need dealing with for Thunderbird 2.
    • Discussion highlights:
      • Ziga Sancin suggests writing an introductory article for potential developers containing basic project information (history, list of main developers, project goals, roadmap and available communication channels, etc), tools needed to start developing and building TB, documentation on source structure as well as links to help one get started on the project.
      • David Bienvenu suggests a top down architectural description of TB's data structures along with documentation about extracting them.
      • Brian King also mentions that documentation on handling message headers on the UI side would be helpful.
      • Cédric Corazza recommends that the proposed documention should be made available on the l10n cvs once it reaches a decent stage so that localizers can get a head-start on the localization before the final version is made available.


None for this week.