Summary: mozilla.dev.apps.firefox - November 17, 2006 - November 24, 2006


None this week.


  • Microsummary w/ Script
    • A user created patch that will allow script to run in a sandbox during the update of a microsummary. They would like to discuss the use of it in bug 361026
  • rich results for searches
    • A proposal for a search tool that gives users a quicker path to specific information they are looking for.
  • Trunk builds + WinXP update = broken?
    • A User questions if there is something broken in a nightly build since the user keeps getting this error from the trunk: "firefox.exe - Application Error: The application failed to initialize properly."


None this week.


  1. Sara Minchella (sara)
  2. Dave Manley (seneManley)

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