Summary: mozilla.dev.accessibility - Nov 17-Nov 22, 2006


  • Mozilla OSK project grant
    Aaron Leventhal (on behalf of Michael Curran) mentiond that there is now an NVDA email list you can join if you wish to keep up to date with the latest changes, or if you wish to discuss new features or talk with other NVDA users.
    To join, send a blank email with subscribe in the subject field to:
nvda...@freelists.org (Click here to view the original post and unmask the e-mail address)

Michael would like to thank stormDragon for setting this up. Click here for more details.

  • New mailing list for NVDA
    Steve Lee was pleased to announce that the Mozilla Foundation has approved a grant spearheaded by himself and Aaron Leventhal for "Improved Switch Access to Firefox". He expressed his gratitude and thanks everyone for being supportive during and after the Summit. Click here for more details.

If anyone has experience with these issues, and is comfortable helping out in the mozilla/accessible
module, would you please take a look at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=166994
He stated that he almost had it working a couple of years ago. The
bug has a very old patch which will no longer be easy to apply but may provide clues as to where they are going wrong.
For more information click here.