Summary: mozilla.dev.accessibility - Oct 28-Nov 10, 2006


  • ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing
    "Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS) is a quarterly journal that publishes refereed articles addressing issues of computing as it impacts the lives of people with disabilities." Read more...
    Publication for the first issue is expected in Fall 2007.
  • W4A 2007 First Call for Papers
    The Fourth International Cross-Disciplinary Cofnerence on Web Accessibility (W4A 2007)
    Co-Located with the Sixteenth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007), in Banff, Canada.
    • TECHNICAL Submissions: Monday 19th Feb 2007
    • TECHNICAL Paper Notification: Friday 16th March 2007
    • COMMUNICATION Submissions: Monday 26th March 2007
    • COMMUNICATION Paper Notification: Friday 06th April 2007
    • ALL Camera ready Due: Monday 16th April 2007
    • Conference Dates: Monday 07th and Tuesday 08th May 2007
    Notable keynotes representatives from W3C, IBM, University of Manchester, UK and Oxford Brookes University, UK.


  • Firefox: An open source accessibility success story
    Aaron Leventhal of IBM recently published a new article praising Firefox accessibility. The article goes into the history of accessibility in Firefox, details IBM's involvement and addresses some AJAX accessibility concerns. The article closes with a glimpse at the future of Firefox accessibility. Read more...
  • Access Keys in Firefox 2
    Previous versions of Firefox used the <alt> key as a modifier. This has been changed to Alt+Shift for content accesskeys due to the "conflicts with UI mnemonics" according to Aaron Leventhal.
    This is reported to have broken accesskeys using numeric values. See bug 349716. Currently there is a work-around extension available at bug 357101 to temporarily solve this problem.
  • Accessibility in ChatZilla
    Gijs Kruitbosch and Aaron Leventhal have proposed an accessibility project involving ChatZilla. Ideas include:
    • Adding standardized shortcuts
    • CLC-4-TTS and/or other screenreader integration
    • Screenreader integration via an accessibility API
    • Discussion on the use of the <Tab> key.