The XULBrowserWindow object provides methods and properties that let the browser update the user interface of the enclosing XUL window. In order to do so it implements the following interfaces:

Note: This page is not complete at this time. See the linked interfaces for the definition of the implemented methods. You may also wish to refer to the implementation of XULBrowserWindow in browser/base/content/browser.js.

Method overview

boolean hideChromeForLocation(in String aLocation);


Attribute Type Description
inContentWhitelist String[] An array of URL strings for which chrome is automatically hidden. Defaults to about:addons but extensions can append specific URLs to the array.



Determines whether or not browser chrome should be hidden for the specified location. By default, chrome is hidden for about:addons and any other pages in the in content whitelist. You can augment the functionality of this method using chaining in order to hide chrome for other locations. See Hiding browser chrome for details and an example.

boolean hideChromeForLocation(
  in String aLocation
The URL to check to see if chrome should be hidden while that location is displayed.
Return value

true if chrome should be hidden while displaying the specified location; otherwise false.

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