This document contains answers to frequently asked questions about XUL, Mozilla's markup language for describing application's user interface.

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Are there decent visual editors for laying out XUL applications?

There are no production-quality visual editors available for XUL. The recommended way is to edit XUL by hand, possibly with the help of a good text or XML editor. Ted Mielczarek's Live XUL Editor (also part of Extension Developer's Extension) often proves useful.

A list of projects (dead and active) aiming to create a XUL IDE/editor is at wikimo:XUL:IDE.

Troubleshooting prefwindow-based options windows

This ought to be on a separate page, Preferences System Troubleshooting. It is a FAQ. Some things to check when you have issues with your prefwindow-based Options window:

  • Does each prefpane have a unique ID?
  • Are there any elements inside the <prefwindow>, before the <prefpane>s? (Putting any elements there triggers bug 296418.)
  • Are prefpanes nested correctly?
  • Does each prefpane contains a <preferences></preferences> block, even if empty?
  • Are script tags in prefpanes closed properly?
  • Does script outside <prefpane> refer to any element in <prefpane>? (The animation effect when you open the preference window will not stop, if a script outside <prefpane> refers any element inside <prefpane>, while initializing the window. If you want to access elements inside <prefpane>, you should put script in the <prefpane> or write script into "onpaneload" of the <prefpane>.)
  • Note, that prefwindow only works in chrome XUL.