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An extension will often wish to attach a new command to a menu. To do this, the new menu will need to be laid over the existing menu which the item should be displayed upon. For more information about how to use an overlay to modify a menu, see Using Menus and Popups in Extensions

The following tables list the IDs of menus in Firefox that are commonly overlaid upon.

Firefox menus

Element ID Description
main-menubar The menubar element.
menu_FilePopup The menupopup associated with the 'File' menu.
menu_EditPopup The menupopup associated with the 'Edit' menu.
menu_viewPopup The menupopup associated with the 'View' menu.
goPopup The menupopup associated with the 'Go/History' menu.
menu_ToolsPopup The menupopup associated with the 'Tools' menu.
menu_HelpPopup The menupopup associated with the 'Help' menu.
menu_viewSidebarMenu The menupopup for the 'Sidebar' submenu on the 'View' menu.
menuWebDeveloperPopup The menupopup for the 'Web Developer' submenu on the 'Tools' menu.

Firefox context menu

Element ID Description Relevant context
contentAreaContextMenu The popup for the context menu when a web page is displayed in the browser area.  
spell-no-suggestions The no spelling suggestions item - notable as it is the first item on the context menu. Editable Text
context-openlink Opens a link in a new window Links
context-openlinkintab Opens a link in a new tab Links
context-bookmarklink Bookmarks a link Links
context-savelink Saves a link Links
context-sendlink Sends a link in an email Links
context-copyemail Copies an email address mailto: Links
context-copylink Copies a link Links
context-viewimage Views an image at full size Images
context-copyimage-contents Copies an image to the clipboard Images
context-copyimage Copies the URL of an image to the clipboard Images
context-saveimage Saves an image Images
context-sendimage Sends an image in an email Images
context-setDesktopBackground Sets an image as the desktop background Images
context-blockimage Blocks an image Images
context-back Goes back a page  
context-forward Goes forward a page  
context-reload Reloads a page  
context-stop Stops loading a page  
context-bookmarkpage Bookmarks a page  
context-savepage Saves a page  
context-sendpagetodevice Send page to device  
context-sendpage Send page in an email  
context-viewbgimage Views a background image  
context-undo Undo Editable Text
context-cut Cuts to clipboard Editable Text
context-copy Copies to clipboard  
context-paste Pastes from clipboard Editable Text
context-delete Deletes selection Editable Text
context-selectall Selects all  
context-searchselect Selected text is searched  
context-viewpartialsource-selection Views the selection source Selection
context-viewpartialsource-mathml Views the MathML source MathML
context-viewsource Views the source  
context-viewinfo Views the page info  
context-metadata Views the properties  
context-spell-check-enabled Spell check enabled checkbox  
context-inspect Inspects the element