Type: one of the values below
The type of button. If this attribute is not present, a normal button is created. Leave the attribute out for a normal button.
This type of button can be in two states. The user can click the button to switch between the states. This is not the same as a checkbox because it looks like a button.
Set the type attribute to the value menu to create a button with a menu popup. Place a menupopup element inside the button in this case. The user may click anywhere on the button to open and close the menu.
You can also use the value menu-button to create a button with a menu. Unlike the menu type, this type requires the user to press the arrow to open the menu, but a different command may be invoked when the main part of the button is pressed.
Similar to the menu type, this opens a popup. Place a panel element inside the button. panel elements are popups that support any type of content.
The button acts like a radio button. Only one button in the group can be on a once.
This button will fire its command event repeatedly while the mouse button is held down.