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Return Codes

The methods described in this chapter can return any of the following return codes. In Mozilla/SeaMonkey, these constants are defined as part of the xpinstall object (formerly the SoftwareUpdate object in Netscape Communicator 4.5).

Name Code Explanation
SUCCESS 0 Success.
REBOOT_NEEDED 999 The files were installed, but one or more components were in use. Restart the computer and the application to complete the installation process. On Windows NT, you may only need to restart the application as long as you did not replace operating system files.
BAD_PACKAGE_NAME -200 A problem occurred with the package name supplied to initInstall
UNEXPECTED_ERROR -201 An unrecognized error occurred.
ACCESS_DENIED -202 The user (or the OS) did not grant the required security privilege.
EXECUTION_ERROR -203 An error occurred executing the script
NO_INSTALL_SCRIPT -204 Installation script was not signed
NO_CERTIFICATE -205 Extracted file is not signed or the file (and, therefore, its certificate) could not be found.
NO_MATCHING_CERTIFICATE -206 Extracted file was not signed by the certificate used to sign the installation script
CANT_READ_ARCHIVE -207 XPI package cannot be read
INVALID_ARGUMENTS -208 Bad parameters to a function
ILLEGAL_RELATIVE_PATH -209 Illegal relative path
USER_CANCELLED -210 User clicked Cancel on Install dialog
INSTALL_NOT_STARTED -211 A problem occurred with the parameters to initInstall, or initInstall was not called first
SILENT_MODE_DENIED -212 The silent installation privilege has not been granted.
NO_SUCH_COMPONENT -213 The specified component is not present in the Client Version Registry.
DOES_NOT_EXIST -214 The specified file cannot be deleted because it does not exist.
READ_ONLY -215 The specified file cannot be deleted because its permissions are set to read only.
IS_DIRECTORY -216 The specified file cannot be deleted because it is a directory.
NETWORK_FILE_IS_IN_USE -217 The specified file cannot be deleted because it is in use.
APPLE_SINGLE_ERR -218 An error occurred when unpacking a file in AppleSingle format.
INVALID_PATH_ERR -219 The path provided to getFolder was invalid.
PATCH_BAD_DIFF -220 An error occurred in GDIFF.
PATCH_BAD_CHECKSUM_TARGET -221 The checksum generated for the source file does not match the checksum in the XPI file.
PATCH_BAD_CHECKSUM_RESULT -222 The checksum of the patched file failed.
UNINSTALL_FAILED -223 An error occurred while uninstalling a package.
PACKAGE_FOLDER_NOT_SET -224 Install folder not set in installation script
EXTRACTION_FAILED -225 Extraction of XPI file failed.
FILENAME_ALREADY_USED -226 Same filename being used in install
INSTALL_CANCELLED -227 Raised when installation is cancelled in medias res.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR -228 Problem with download
SCRIPT_ERROR -229 Error in the script
ALREADY_EXISTS -230 File already exists locally
IS_FILE -231 Expected target directoy and got file
SOURCE_DOES_NOT_EXIST -232 Source file/dir not found
SOURCE_IS_DIRECTORY -233 Expected source file and got directory
SOURCE_IS_FILE -234 Expected source directory and got file
INSUFFICIENT_DISK_SPACE -235 Not enough disk space for install
KEY_ACCESS_DENIED -241 Access to the registry key has been denied
KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST -242 Registry key does not exist
VALUE_DOES_NOT_EXIST -243 Registry value does not exist
INVALID_SIGNATURE -260 The signature used in the XPI is not valid
INVALID_HASH -261 The hash used in the XPI is not valid
INVALID_HASH_TYPE -262 The has used in the XPI is not of a valid type
OUT_OF_MEMORY -299 Insufficient memory for operation

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