(Windows only) Constructs an object for working with a Windows .ini file.

Method of

Install object


WinProfile getWinProfile (
   Object folder,
   String file);


The getWinProfile method has the following parameters:

An object representing a directory. You create this object by passing a string representing the directory to the getFolder method.
A relative pathname to an initialization file in the directory specified by the folder parameter, such as "royal/royal.ini".


A WinProfile object.


The getWinProfile method creates an object for manipulating the contents of a Windows .ini file. Once you have this object, you can call its methods to retrieve strings from the file or to add strings to the file. For information on the returned object, see WinProfile. This method returns null on Unix and Macintosh platforms.


To edit the win.ini file, you would create a WinProfile object with this call:

var myWinProfileObj =
   getWinProfile (getFolder("Windows"), "win.ini");

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