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(Netscape 6 and Mozilla do not currently support this method.) Deletes the specified file and removes its entry from the Client Version Registry.

Method of

Install object


int deleteRegisteredFile
   (String registryName);


The deleteRegisteredFile method has the following parameter:

The pathname in the Client Version Registry for the file that is to be deleted.


An integer error code. For a list of possible values, see Return Codes.


The deleteRegisteredFile method deletes the specified file and removes the file's entry from the Client Version Registry. If the file is currently being used, the name of the file that is to be deleted is saved and Netscape 6 attempts to delete it each time it starts up until the file is successfully deleted. This method is used to delete files that cannot be removed by the uninstall method or to remove files that are no longer necessary or whose names have changed.

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