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    InstallTrigger Object


    A trigger script on a web page uses an InstallTrigger object to download and install software.


    For very simple installations, the install methods on the InstallTrigger object may be all that's needed in the installation script.

    For more complex installations, you may need to use the Install and/or File installation objects. In either case, you must trigger the installation process by creating a web page script in which InstallTrigger methods download the specified XPI file and "trigger" the execution of the install.js script at the top level of that XPI.

    The principal method on the InstallTrigger object is install, which downloads and installs one or more software packages archived in the XPI file format. The following is a basic example of an install trigger on a web page:

    xpi={'XPInstall Dialog Display Name':'simple.xpi'};

    You can also use the InstallTrigger object to install Netscape 6/Mozilla skins and language packs, and perform multiple-package installations with install.

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