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    Tamarin Roadmap

    The Tamarin roadmap is intended to provide visibility into planned features and release dates. The roadmap is a living document representing current best thinking and is subject to change. Comments or questions are welcome and encouraged via the tamarin-devel mailing list.

    TC Jan '09

    Feature Links Status
    Integrate the TT String class Tamarin:String implementation Tamarin:Strings bug 465506 Complete
    Enhanced C++ profiler Enhance memory profiler to work in Release builds and be more performant In Progress
    Enable LIR for ARM targets bug 460764 Complete
    AMD64 NanoJit bug 464476 In Progress
    Port NanoJit to PowerPC bug 458077 Complete
    Add mac-x64 and linux-x64 buildbots   Complete
    fail build on assertion in acceptance tests   Complete
    Merge tracking bug bug 469836 In Progress


    TC Feb '09

    Spring backlog tbd.

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