Tamarin Acceptance Test Template

This is the test template for Tamarin acceptance tests (placed in test/acceptance/feature_name):

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var SECTION = "test";       // provide a document reference (ie, Actionscript section)
var VERSION = "AS3";        // Version of ECMAScript or ActionScript 
var TITLE   = "test";       // Provide ECMA section title or a description
var BUGNUMBER = "";         

startTest();                // leave this alone

 * Calls to AddTestCase here. AddTestCase is a function that is defined
 * in shell.as and takes three arguments:
 * - a string representation of what is being tested
 * - the expected result
 * - the actual result
 * For example, a test might look like this:
 * var helloWorld = "Hello World";
 * AddTestCase(
 * "var helloWorld = 'Hello World'",   // description of the test
 *  "Hello World",                     // expected result
 *  helloWorld );                      // actual result

// add your tests here
var helloWorld = "Hello World";
AddTestCase( "var helloWorld = 'Hello World'", "Hello World", helloWorld );

test();       // leave this alone.  this executes the test cases and
              // displays results.