This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Existing Content

This is a list of existing documentation. It needs to be checked, prioritized, and migrated.

NOTE: Not everything on this page necessarily belongs under the "developer documentation" umbrella. The list will be vetted and pared down as appropriate over time. If you know of any content that should be on this list but isn't, please feel free to add it.

User:JesseW/Sandpit is a list originally consisting of the all 877 pages found by google on the mirror; it's been partially cleared of articles we've already migrated, and non-article pages; but if people want to help get it all checked, please do so...(Also, if anyone wants to move it somewhere else, feel free to do so.) JesseW 22:42, 10 February 2006 (PST)

After document migration

After you migrated a page, please do the following:

  1. Note the source URL of the document in the edit comments when saving the page
  2. Make sure that you have added category information to your newly created article, so that it also can be found! For example, if the article is about localization, you can add [[Category:Localization]] at the end of the page. See the list of all categories].
  3. Add the MDC:Examples:Original Document Information information block to your document, correctly listing the original author(s) and contributors. You can find the last modification date in the page footer at the bottom of the original page on
  4. Edit this page. Add " -- migrated to name of new page" to the entry for the page you just migrated. Move it to the top of the Migrated list below (so nobody wastes its time by migrating it again).
  5. If you are migrating content from, add the original location and the new location to the Needs Redirect page, so we can get redirects set up at the old locations.
  6. If you are migrating content from another wiki, edit the external redirect of the page you migrated (by copying the url of the redirection page to the location bar, and add "?action=edit"):
    1. Change the REDIRECT statement to link to your new page, instead of to the external page.
    2. Remove all category information, and replace it by [[Category:Junk]].
    3. Click on the "What links here" link, and change every page which links to the redirection page to link to your new page instead.


Items to Migrate


Do Not Migrate Yet


Working List


Mozilla Hacking

  • Mozilla Hacker's Guide (is this something we would want to move to Devmo?) - Dawn Endico, Kai Kai Engert, Myk Melez, David Baron, Marcia Knous, Asa, Brendan, many others...



none of the existing RDF docs should be used as is, they need BAD review/rewrite, consider them deprecated (AxelHecht)


Web Services



All other html files in the projects/xpcom directory have been migrated. (Note - some migrated pages are waiting to be redirected and cvs removed.)

All other html files in the scriptable directory:




  • removed items added as External Redirects



Obsolete pages

Please list pages that are completely obsolete here, so nobody wastes time migrating them.