Prism hosts web applications in a simple, minimal window. The window does have some UI components (as shown in the screenshot below). Prism can be configured to show or hide several of the UI components.


  • Location Bar - A readonly textbox that contains the currently displayed URL. When not displayed the entire location bar section is hidden.
  • Sidebar - Section of window area used to display ancillary web content, including web applications. When the sidebar is displayed, the splitter can be used to change the width or quickly collapse it. The splitter itself cannot be hidden as it is the only UI to show a collapsed sidebar. When not displayed the entire sidebar area, including the splitter are hidden.
    Note: The sidebar is currently not supported. We are considering whether to support a sidebar in future versions of Prism and welcome input on this subject.
  • Status - Area of the statusbar that displays the loading status message and a "percent complete" progress bar, as well as the "gear" menu that provides access to Prism commands such as displaying the error console. To display the status bar, the statusbar option in webapp.ini must be set to true.
  • Command Menu - A popup menu showing several Prism-specific commands.