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Just Browsing: Mozilla Prism Update
ThansCorner: Mozilla Prism - Webrunner with Pazzaz
Mozilla Prism - A Revolution in Web Apps
ThansCorner: Mozilla WebRunner 0.7
Site Specific Browsers
Using WebRunner
WebRunner + Gears = Offline Desktop Reader
WebRunner 0.5
WebRunner 0.5 - Mac Support
WebRunner 0.5 - Linux Install
WebRunner, Google Reader, and Google Notebook
Distraction Free GTD - 32+ web app files for online todo lists
Mozilla WebRunner: a one-window, tabless browser with no URL bar
WebRunner becomes Prism - A Mozilla Labs Project
Mozilla Labs: Prism
Alex Faaborg: Prism
Mozilla Prism: Bringing Web Apps to the Desktop
Everyone should use Site Specific Browsers
Mozilla Prism Portable (Spanish)
Prism, l'avenir des applications Web selon Mozilla (French)
Mozilla Prism : bundle custom Google Reader + Talk (French)
Just Browsing: Site-Specific Browsers


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