User Review Guidelines

App reviews are a way for you to share your opinions about the apps you’ve installed and used. Our review moderation team reserves the right to remove any review that does not comply with these guidelines.

Some tips for writing a great review


  • Write like you are telling a friend about your experience with the app.

  • Give specific and helpful details. For example:

    • Did the app work as you expected it to?

    • What features did you like or dislike?

    • Was it useful?

    • Was it easy to use?

    • Will you continue to use this app?

  • Take a moment to read your review before submitting it to minimize typos.


  • Write reviews for apps you have not personally used.

  • Use profanity, sexual language or language that can be construed as hateful.

  • Include HTML, links, source code or code snippets. Reviews are meant to be text only.

  • Make false statements, disparage app developers or personally insult them.

  • Include your own email, phone number, or other personal details.

  • Post reviews for an app you or your organization wrote or represent.

  • Criticize an app for something it’s intended to do. For example, leaving a negative review of an app for displaying ads or requiring data gathering, when that is the intended purpose of the app, or the app requires gathering data to function.

  • Rate down an app for not working on a version of FirefoxOS that the description explicitly says is not supported.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reviews

How can I report a problematic review?

Please report or flag any questionable reviews by clicking the "Report this review" and it will be submitted to the site for moderation. Our moderation team will use the Review Guidelines to evaluate whether or not to delete the review or restore it back to the site.

What should I do if I'm having problems with an app?

You should contact the developer by using the ‘Support Email’ or ‘Support Site’ buttons for the app on its Marketplace listing page.

I’m an app developer, can I respond to reviews?

Currently, this is not possible.

I’m an app developer, can I delete unfavorable reviews or ratings?

In general, no. But if the review did not meet the review guidelines outlined above, you can click "Report this review" and have it moderated. If a review included a complaint that is no longer valid due to a new release of your app, we may consider deleting the review. Submit your detailed request to mozilla.appreview.