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1 Firefox Marketplace Apps, Beginner, Firefox OS, Intro, Landing, Marketplace
In this zone you'll find all the information you need to prepare and publish apps on the Firefox Marketplace. Find guidance on how to make apps successful, delivery options, publishing and updating apps, and the libraries and APIs to make use of Marketplace features.
2 Add-on submission Add-ons, B2G, Firefox OS, Marketplace, Review, submission
Firefox OS 2.5+ supports add-ons, a feature already familiar to Firefox Desktop users, which allows customization of specific apps or the whole OS — behaviour more to your liking. The Firefox Marketplace acts as a host for add-ons as well as apps; this article provides an overview of how to submit your add-ons for publication.
3 Add-on review criteria Add-ons, reviews
Here are Mozilla's expectations of what add-on review is and is not:
4 Firefox Marketplace APIs API, Apps, Marketplace
Links to the main references covering Mozilla's Firefox Marketplace APIs, with which you can handle app submissions, configure a payment account for an app, and more.
5 Firefox Marketplace FAQ App payments, Apps, B2G, FAQ, Firefox OS, Marketplace, Mobile

This article answers a variety of common questions related to publishing on the Firefox Marketplace.

6 Index Index, Marketplace
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7 Marketplace APIs Apps, Beginner, Firefox OS, Guide, Marketplace
When it comes to coding functionality for the Firefox Marketplace into your own apps and Web pages, you'll find the Marketplace APIs useful.
8 Publishing on the Firefox Marketplace Apps, Marketplace
Documentation for publishing an app on the Firefox Marketplace.
9 Submission Landing
Marketplace submission
10 User Review Guidelines Marketplace, review guidelines, review moderation, user reviews
App reviews are a way for you to share your opinions about the apps you’ve installed and used. Our review moderation team reserves the right to remove any review that does not comply with these guidelines.