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    Note: This page documents the Jetpack Prototype, which isĀ  no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we're up to next!

    slideBar is a reinvention of the old sidebar features of browsers. They allow quick access to a wide range of both temporary and permanent information at the side of your browser window. When a slideBar feature is selected its contents will be revealed from behind the current webpage.

    It currently under development and lives in the future.



    append(iconurihtmlhtml/xmlurluriwidthintpersistboolautoReloadboolonClickfunctiononSelectfunctiononReadyfunction)This is a list of options to specify modifications to your slideBar instance.
    iconhref oficon to show in the slideBaruri
    htmlhtml content for the featurehtml/xml
    urlurl to load content for the featureuri
    widthwidth of the content area and the selected slide sizeint
    persistdefault slide behavior when being selectedbool
    autoReloadautomatically reload content on selectbool
    onClickcallback when the icon is clickedfunction
    onSelectcallback when the feature is selectedfunction
    onReadycallback when featured is loadedfunction

    An example:

    url: "",
    width: 150,
    onClick: function(slide){
    slide.icon.src = "chrome://branding/content/icon48.png";

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