This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Note: This page documents the Jetpack Prototype, which is  no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we're up to next!

Jetpack's selection API provides a method for detecting the selections made by the user. Features can get, set, and listen for selection events in HTML or plain text.

The namespace for this api is jetpack.selection. This API currently lives in the future and must be imported for use: jetpack.future.import("selection");

Getting and Setting the Selection

The current version of jetpack.selection includes these formats: .text and .html

Getting the selection

The following is an example of getting the selection from the user.

jetpack.import.future("selection");var textOfSel = jetpack.selection.text;var htmlOfSel = jetpack.selection.html;

Setting the selection

The following is an example of getting the selection from the user.

jetpack.import.future("selection");jetpack.selection.text = 'Hello';jetpack.selection.html = '<b>Hello</b>';


onSelection(func function)This method allows you to execute an event function when a selection is made.
funcA function to be called when the selection is made. This function receives no arguments. Use jetpack.selection.*. function

Adding a selection event

jetpack.selection.onSelection( fn );

Removal of a selection event

jetpack.selection.onSelection.unbind( fn );

Verbose Example

The following example will bold the html that you select.

jetpack.import.future("selection");jetpack.selection.onSelection(function(){    var html = jetpack.selection.html;    jetpack.selection.html = "<b>" + html + "</b>";});