Jetpack Snippets

Note: This page documents the Jetpack Prototype, which is  no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we're up to next!

Bits of code that may come in handy. Feel free to add your own!

Using firebug lite in a slidebar


html: <html><head></head><body>
<p>some slidbar you want to debug</p>
<a href="javascript:console.log('hello!')">test</a>
//firebug lite bookmarklet code:
var firebug=document.createElement('script');
width: 800, //wide enough to use firebug
onSelect: function(slide) {
slide.slide(800, true);


Calling into a slidebar from the global jetpack scope

onReady: function (slide) {
// call out to a global function, passing the slidebar object

function exInitSlidebar(aSlidebar) { // This variable will now be global
  slider = aSlidebar;

// then, accessing the slidebar HTML
var tl = slider.contentDocument.getElementById("thumbList"); // or calling slidebar API methods or accessing properties

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