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Note: This page documents the Jetpack Prototype, which is  no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we're up to next!

The namespace provides mechanisms for introspecting the dynamic state of your jetpack. The namespace currently lives in the future and must be imported before it is used:



onFirstRun(funcfunction) allows jetpacks to be notified after they are successfully installed. onFirstRun() accepts a callback which is called after installation. Note that this mechanism is independent of the first-run page; in particular, the callback is not a load event listener or jQuery ready callback. onFirstRun() may be called anywhere in your jetpack, but if it is called as the result of some asynchronous operation such as a timeout or XMLHttpRequest, it is ignored. If you call it multiple times, all but the final call are ignored.
funcA function. it takes no paramenters. Inside the function, this is the jetpack's content.function

Example{"Oh boy, I'm installed!");});

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