This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Note: This page documents the Jetpack Prototype, which is  no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we're up to next!

Class Console

Writes some information to the Error Console. You can find the console in the Extra Menu of Firefox.

The namespace for this API is console.


info()This method does stuff.
log(stringstring)This method writes a notification message to the console.
stringThe message to add to the consolestring
console.log("hello world!");
arn()This method does stuff.
error()This method does stuff.
exception()This method does stuff.
logFromCaller()This method does stuff.

Class Notifications

The Notification Box appears at the bottom right corner of the browser and displays important information to the user.

The namespace for this class is jetpack.notificaitons.


show(titlestringbodystringiconstring)Draws a notification box.
titleThe head of the notification message.string
bodyThe messagestringfalse
iconThe URL of an .ico file.string"hello world");var myBody = " My first message body on Jetpack";var myIcon = "";{title: "My first message on jetpack", body: myBody, icon: myIcon});

Class Tabs

In this class you can find information about the tabs in your Firefox window.

The namespace for this class is jetpack.tabs.

blah(lengthstringfocusedstringtoStringstringpopstringpushstringreversestringshiftstringsortstringsplicestringunshiftstring)this is some default text
lengthThe number of open tabsstring
focusedthe current tab in your browserstring
onReady()when the inherited document is fully loaded.
onFocus()changing the focus of a tab.


open(urlstring)Opens a new tab in your browser with a defined url.
urlURL to be openedstring"");