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    Address book

    "Get Map" button pref ("mail.addr_book.mapit_url.format" )
    The format for this pref  is:

    @A1 == address, part 1
    @A2 == address, part 2
    @CI == city
    @ST == state
    @ZI == zip code
    @CO == country

    If the pref is set to "", no "Get Map" button will appear in the addressbook card preview pane.

    The default (defined in mailnews.js) is:

    pref("mail.addr_book.mapit_url.format", "");

    Addressbook Quick Search Query Pref ("mail.addr_book.quicksearchquery.format" )

    The format for this pref is:

    @V == the escaped value typed in the quick search bar in the addressbook

    Every occurance of @V will be replaced.

    Note, the UI has "Name or Email Contains:".  This entity (SearchNameOrEmail.label) is defined in messenger.dtd.  So if you change

    the quick search query to match based on phone number, the UI will not match the query.

    The default (defined in mailnews.js) is:


    "and", "or" and "not" are valid.

    See for the list of valid attributes

    "c" == contains.  see nsAbQueryStringToExpression::CreateBooleanConditionString() for other operators.

    Mail composition

    "other header" pref ("mail.compose.other.header")
    The format for this a comma delimited list of mail headers, like "Approved,X-No-Archive"

    An example for your prefs.js would be:
    user_pref("mail.compose.other.header", "Approved");

    This will cause "Approved" to show up in the compose window address picker, under To:, Cc:, Bcc:, Newsgroup:, etc.

    For example:

    Approved header example image

    When that mail gets sent,
    will be in the message in the headers.

    This is a useful trick for newsgroup moderators who want moderate from mozilla.

    Mail/News Prefs

    "autcollect addresses" prefs

    from mailnews.js:

    // by default, only collect addresses the user sends to (outgoing)
    pref("mail.collect_email_address_incoming", false);
    pref("mail.collect_email_address_outgoing", true);
    pref("mail.collect_email_address_newsgroup", false);

    // by default, use the Personal Addressbook for collection

    For the reasons why the defaults changed, see this document on the Collected Address Book.

    There is UI for the "mail.collect_email_address_outgoing" pref. See "Edit | Preferences.. | Mail & Newsgroups | Addressing"

    "other compose header" pref

    from mailnews.js:

    // you can specify a comma delimited list of optional headers
    // this will show up in the address picker in the compose window
    // examples: "X-Face" or "Approved"
    pref("mail.compose.other.header", "Approved,X-No-Archive");

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