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Is there a way to do profiling of what is going on in Mozilla? Is there a framework for this?

If you're on Linux, then you can try using jprof. Instructions are available at Jprof Readme On more recent linux versions sysprof can also be used. also lists some profiles.

How do you fix inconsistent float behavior in firefox involving a two column layout using display:table and floating div elements?

This is a bug in Firefox. You can work around it by removing display:table in the style rule with the "#main" selector or adding clear:both to it.

Why does move movement disappear when I use mouse events to click and drag?

Since the dragging action is involved, you might need to disable it. Try using event.preventDefault()

What is the purpose of the NS_LossyConvertUCS2toASCII() function?

This function converts an nsAString to an nsACString by assuming that all the 16-bit units are ASCII and just dropping the high byte on them all.