As GCC compiles file, Dehydra calls functions in the user analysis script with information about the code being compiled. For more information, see the function reference and the object reference.

Example: printing the location of type declarations

Save the following C++ code

typedef int MyInt;
struct Foo { int i; char *c; };

Save the following analysis script dumptypes.js:

function process_type(t)
  print("Type found: " + + " location: " + t.loc);

function input_end()
  print("Hello, world!");

Compile using the following command:

$ g++ -fplugin=~/dehydra/ -fplugin-arg=~/dumptypes.js -o/dev/null -c

Note:for g++4.5 and up

use -fplugin-arg-gcc_dehydra-script= rather than -fplugin-arg

It should print the following results:

Type found: Foo location:
Type found: MyInt location:
Hello, world!

See documentation for: process_type, input_end, print, .loc property

 Example: using attributes to mark a class as "final"

Save the following code as

// This class should not be subclassed!
class __attribute__((user("final"))) MyClass

// This subclass should be an error
class SubClass : public MyClass

Save the following analysis script final.js:

 * Helper function: returns true if a class is marked with the "final" attribute.
function isFinal(c)
  if (!c.attributes)
    return false;
  for each (let a in c.attributes)
    if ( == 'user' && a.value == 'final')
      return true;
  return false;

function process_type(t)
  if (t.bases)
    for each (let base in t.bases)
      if (isFinal(base.type))
        error("class " + + " extends final class " +, t.loc);

Compile using the following command:

$ g++ -fplugin=~/dehydra/ -fplugin-arg=~/final.js -o/dev/null -c

It should print the following results and return with an error code: error: class SubClass extends final class MyClass

 See documentation for: process_type, error, .bases property, .attributes property

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