Dehydra Frequently Asked Questions

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

General Questions

Where did the name Dehydra come from?

Initially Dehydra was written as an easy way to look for patterns in Control Flow Graphs (CFGs). Images of those graphs reminded me of the multiheaded Hydra monster. Thus De-hydra can be thought of as a decapitating tool for slaying CFGs. Currently Dehydra does not provide the CFG functionality, this functionality is now provided by Treehydra.

What is the status of GCC 4.5 support?

Development version of Dehydra should work with GCC 4.5 on any C++ codebase. If you encounter bugs or crashes, report them.

Where does one report Dehydra bugs?

Use this link to file bugs. For crashes reports attach a minimized input file. Use either a source files that rely on standard headers or a compressed .ii file (pass -save-temps to GCC to get .ii files).

Where can I find JS code for real-life analyses for dehydra?

Please see static checking scripts on mozilla-central. Note that some of the analyses may require Treehydra. Please see Building with static checking for more information about static checking builds in Mozilla.

Does Dehydra provide any ADTs such as Map/Set?

Yes. See libs/ directory in the Dehydra source