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    Dehydra development was abandoned sometime in 2010. Use at your own risk.

    The development focus switched to DXR (where the "D" comes from "Dehydra"), which is based on clang instead of gcc. Try DXR instead, or else try the gcc python plugin:






    Dehydra was a lightweight, scriptable, general purpose static analysis tool capable of application-specific analyses of C++ code. In the simplest sense, Dehydra could be thought of as a semantic grep tool. It presented a wealth of semantic information that can be queried with concise JavaScripts. It was also useful to find bugs in source code as it allows for much more error checking than C++ is capable of by itself. Dehydra was built as a GCC plugin, thus it is easy to use for projects that already support GCC.

    Dehydra is also useful for generating language bindings and is used to bootstrap Treehydra, a heavy-duty static analysis GCC plugin.



    Installing Dehydra
    Download, installation and dependency info for Dehydra
    Using Dehydra
    Examples for getting started writing analysis scripts.
    Dehydra Function Reference
    Callback and utility functions for Dehydra scripts.
    Dehydra Object Reference
    Javascript objects and properties provided by Dehydra.
    Dehydra FAQ
    Answers to common questions
    Static Analyses
    Analyses being worked on for Mozilla 2
    Steps to Dehydra 1.0 release



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    Pork C/C++ Refactoring Tools, Mozilla 2, SpiderMonkey


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