Searching for Information


John, a web developer, is looking to learn about how to use AJAX techniques to make his web application more interactive. A Google search brings him to Mozilla Developer Central.


  • John searches Google for "AJAX development" and is pointed to MDC's AJAX topic page
  • From the topic page, John notices the "Getting Started" link in the upper corner and selects it.
  • After reading the introductory article, John decides to go back to the topic page using his browser's back button.
  • John then reads the summaries of some recent articles, and decides to click on the "More articles..." link which brings him to the AJAX article index by topic page.
  • In the sidebar of the article index by topic page, John sees an entry for the JavaScript topic and clicks it, bringing him to the JavaScript topic page.
  • John realizes that he needs to find the documentation for XmlHttpRequest, and enters that into the search box, which brings him to the specific reference material.