Returning User


Cheryl, an extension developer, visits MDC regularly to keep abreast of news regarding the technologies that interest her, as well as news about the Mozilla applications in general.


  • Cheryl visits the MDC home page. From here she sees that the "Featured Article" hasn't changed since her last visit, but there have been changes made to two articles that she is interested in. She clicks on one of these and is brought to the article page.
  • After seeing what has changed, Cheryl goes back to the MDC home page and notices a news item in the sidebar about a code change that will affect her. She clicks on this, and is brought to the news item.
  • Cheryl clicks the "Articles" link on the top navigaton bar and is brought to the article index page. She scrolls to the "Extension Developer" topic and notices that a new article has been added. She clicks on this and is taken to the article page.
  • While reading the article, Cheryl realizes that she knows of another web page which is directly related. She clicks on "Submit an item" in the sidebar, logs into MDC Webwatch, and enters the link and a description. She then clicks on "Discuss" in the sidebar, logs into the MDC Wiki, and adds a note in the article's "Talk" page to enter some additional notes.