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    Navigation Bar


    The navigation bar should offer users tools MDC-wide content navigation and for user management within the various content systems.

    (note: since there is no mechanism for synchronizing user authentication between the MediaWiki and the Wordpress weblogs, when a user moves between them, they will see different options within the space reserved for user management controls.)

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    Navigation Bar

    A horizontal navigation bar will appear along the top of all MDC pages. This navigation bar should feature the following elements in some consistent fashion:

    When the user is not logged in to the wiki ...

    • "Login" which leads to MediaWiki login

    When the user is logged in to the wiki ...

    • "Me" which links to the user's personal wiki page
    • "Contributions" which links to the "My Contributions" wiki page
    • "Watchlist" which links to the "My Watchlist" wiki page
    • "Preferences" which leads to the MediaWiki user preferences
    • "Language" leads to a page that lists all available MDC languages
      • or, simply show the current language and provide a drop-down to change
      • does this well
    • "Logout" option which logs the user out of the wiki

    (tbd: for MDC Webwatch and MDC DevNews pages, it might be hard to tell if a user is logged into the MediaWiki. Need to look into this.)

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