MDC WebWatch Index Page


The main Webwatch Index Page displays the last 5 webwatch items for each topic, and provides links to webwatch index by topic pages (which use the same block layout) which display all webwatch items for a specific topic.

In all cases, the entries are taken from RSS feeds from the MDC Webwatch weblog.

Block Layout


Common Elements

This page uses the common navigation bar, search box, page tools and footer, but a custom side bar.

The side bar for the WebWatch Index Page will provide links to date-based archive pages, listed by month. Each of these index pages will use the same block layout as the main index page, but will feature all webwatch items from an entire month, sorted by topic.

  • Entries for each month

External resources sorted by topic

For the main index page...
A list of the last 5 MDC webwatch items for each topic:

  • Small headers for each topic name
  • Last 5 MDC webwatch entries for each topic
  • "Show all ..." link that leads to webwatch topic index pages

For the webwatch index by topic pages...
A list of all MDC webwatch items for a single topic

  • Medium header for topic name
  • exhaustive list of all MDC webwatch entries in chronological order