MDC Topic Page


Technology and Developer Topics are two of the three category types used to provide a high-level organizational categorization scheme to help users who are looking for information on a specific area. A "Topic Page" is an index of MDC content that has been tagged as belonging to a given technology or developer topic. The content is drawn from the wiki.

Block Layout


Common Elements

This page uses the common navigation bar, search box, side bar, page tools and footer.

Topic Welcome

This is the focal point of a Topic Page, providing a brief descriptive overview of the topic that all the page's contents are focused on.

  • Medium header, possibly with graphic
  • Short description of the topic (w/links to related sections if needed)

Getting Started

Each topic page should have a small block reserved for links to a tutorial or article that gets readers started with the issues of the topic. The goal of this space is to provide a quick time from "reading to coding" for the developer audiece who likes to kick the tires.

  • primarily text, but some graphic element would be nice
  • links to an example or tutorial

Recent Articles

A list of recently added articles for the topic, including external websites

  • Small header "Webwatch"
  • List of 5 most recent MDC articles with descriptions
  • "More articles ..." that links to the article index topic page
  • Small header "Webwatch"
  • List of up to 5 links to external websites (drawn from MDC WebWatch blog)
  • "More from the web ..." that links to the Webwatch index by topic page


A list of tools that are helpful for the selected topic

  • Small header
  • List of up to 5 links to tools

A list of related reference documents (eg: for the AJAX topic page, a related reference library would be the xmlhttprequest documentation)

  • Small header
  • List of related reference documents