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While we have fairly extensive documentation for HTML's <canvas> element, it's hardly complete. Between much of it having been written before the element was even standardized and having evolved over time rather than having produced all at once, our reference material is a bit of a mess. On top of that, several offshoots of the content have sprouted up, where people have written examples or snippets of detail off on articles on their own rather than integrating them into the documentation that already existed.

On top of that, the reference documentation is not complete. While the reference for the <canvas> element itself is fairly complete, it's messy. And there's little documentation to speak of for the rendering context itself or the interfaces that make it up.

That leads to this project. The goal of this project is to thoroughly revamp our existing canvas and 2D rendering context documentation, including both the reference material and tutorials/guides, by finding, organizing, cleaning up, and updating existing documentation, adding new documentation to cover features not yet documented, and adding new and useful examples that use the live sample system.

Name: Graphics (#)
Description: Mozilla graphics API
Owner: Jeff Muizelaar(Thebes, QCMS, YCbCr, Cairo/Pixman, Regions, OS X, Other), Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s): Joe Drew, Vladimir Vukicevic, Bas Schouten(Layers, Windows), Benoit Jacob(gfx/gl), Benoit Girard(Compositor, Performance), Ali Juma, Jeff Gilbert(WebGL, ANGLE), George Wright(Canvas2D, Skia), Matt Woodrow(Layers API), John Daggett(text/fonts), Jonathan Kew(text/fonts), Nicolas Silva(MozSurface), Nick Cameron, Sotaro Ikeda(B2G), James Willcox(Android), Christopher Lord
Source Dir(s): gfx/, content/canvas/src/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics, Core::Graphics: Layers, Core::Graphics: Text, Core::GFX: Color Management, Core::Canvas: 2D, Core::Canvas: WebGL
Discussion Group: dev-platform


No writers have been assigned to this project.

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  • Catalog our existing guide and tutorial documentation
  • Reorganize our existing guide/tutorial content to be cohesive, gathering it all up in the right place.
  • Bring these guides up-to-date and add new documentation as needed to cover new features of the canvas API.
  • Finish the reference documentation for the interfaces that support the canvas API.
  • Finish the reference documentation for the 2D rendering context.

Target milestones

Appropriate milestones need to be devised and bugs filed for each; each one should block bug 1054983, which is this project's tracking bug.

Note: Each milestone bug should block bug 1054983, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.

User stories

Documents needed

The lists here detail specific types of content that need to be produced, as well as precise pages that we know need to be produced or updated.

Types of pages

The following types of pages will need to be produced.

  • Reference
    • Interfaces
    • Properties
    • Methods
    • Events
  • Landing pages
  • Guides/tutorials
  • Sample apps and web content

Reference page work needed

User guide work needed


Existing content

Other notes

None at this time.

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