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    Author List with Addresses

    This list of addresses was culled from the old DevEdge archives and CVS in order to get authors' permission to relicense their content under the CC:By-SA license. We're pretty much finished with it now, but will archive it for future reference.

    Add an at sign and dot in the first and second blanks in each email address. A couple of the addresses were to hosts which included subdomain parts (, for example), and in such cases (at) has been inserted to indicate the location of the at sign.

    Author				Current Email Addr  		IRC Nick
    Aillon, Chris			caillon redhat com		caillon
    Ang, Mike			mang ookeek org			mang
    Attinasi, Marc			? marc attinasi org			
    Bandhauer, John 		jband_mozilla rattlebrain com
    Baron, David			dbaron mozilla org		dbaron
    Beaufour, Allan                 allan beaufour dk               beaufour
    Biesinger, Christian	        cbiesinger web de		biesi
    Bojanic, Peter 			peter bojanic ca
    Boyd, Norris			nboyd atg com
    Bradley, David			BradleyJunk (at) cinci rr com	dbradley
    Brickley, Daniel		danbri w3 org
    Bush, Grace			?
    Chang, Wan Teh			wtchang redhat com
    Cheng, Tao			? [tao netscape com]
    Chiang, Lisa 			? [lchiang netscape com]
    Churchill, Robert		? [rjc netscape com]
    Collins, Scott			scc mozilla org 		scc?
    Cooper, Chris			ccooper deadsquid com           coop
    Cowperthwaite, Mike		mcow well com			mcow?
    Dotzler, Asa			asa mozilla org			asa
    Eich, Brendan			brendan mozilla org		brendan
    Endico, Dawn			endico mozilla org
    Engert, Kai Kai			kaie kuix de
    Epstein, David			? depman1 yahoo com
    Evans, Ellen			? [jeev netscape com]
    Fischer, Darin 			darin meer net
    Flett, Alec			alecf flett org                 alecf
    Fraser, Simon 			smfr smfr org
    Freier, Alan			?
    Furman, Scott 			? [fur netscape com]
    Galli, Marcio			mgalli
    Gehani, Samir			?				sgehani?
    Ginda, Robert			rginda hacksrus com
    Goodger, Ben			ben mozilla org
    Guisset, Fabian			fguisset softhome net / hidday geocities com	fabian
    Hardiman, Lawrence 		? [larryh netscape com]
    Hearn, Mike			mike theoretic com
    Hecht, Axel			axel pike org			pike
    Hewitt, Joe 			joe joehewitt com
    Hickson, Ian			ian hixie ch			hixie
    Hyatt, David			hyatt mozilla org
    Knous, Marcia			marcia mozilla org
    Krempeaux, Charles Iliya	charles reptile ca
    Krotkine, Damien		? dams idm fr
    Lee, Jimmy			?
    Leventhal, Aaron		aaron moonset net
    Ley, Jim			?
    Lock, Adam			locka iol ie			adamlock
    MacGregor, Scott		mscott mozilla org
    Markham, Gervase		gerv mozilla org
    Matejka, Daniel 		? [danm netscape com]
    McAfee, Chris 			mcafee mocha com
    Melez, Myk			myk mozilla org
    Mielke, Bernd 			bmlk gmx de
    Nanga, Chak			? [chak netscape com]
    Oeschger, Ian			oeschger brownhen com
    Paquet, Simon			sipaq gmx de
    Patrick, Curt			curt netscape com
    Plitkins, Michael		?
    Potts, Rick 			? [rpotts netscape com]
    Rosenberg, Doron                doronr (at) us ibm com          doron
    Ryner, Brian			bryner brianryner com	
    Schwartau, Phil			?
    Seawood, Christopher 	        cls seawood org
    Shaver, Mike			shaver mozilla org		shaver
    Sirnapalli, Dharma 		? [dsirnapalli netscape com]
    Sivonen, Henri			hsivonen iki fi
    Smedberg, Ben			bsmedberg covad net		bsmedberg
    Soref, Josh 			timeless mac com		timeless
    Talbot, Gerard			browserbugs gtalbot org         GT
    Turner, Doug			dougt meer net			dougt
    Valeski, Judson 		valeski aol com
    Waterson, Chris			waterson maubi net

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