Payment Accounts

Marketplace feature removal
The functionality described on this page no longer works — Firefox Marketplace has discontinued support for Android, Desktop, Tablets, and payments (and other related functionality). For more information, read the Future of Marketplace FAQ.

The first step in setting up a paid app or one using in-app payments in Firefox Marketplace is adding payment accounts from one or more payment providers. This page explain why Firefox Marketplace uses multiple payment providers, describes where setup is done in the submission process and provides links to details on setting up accounts with each payment provider.

Payment providers

There is currently one active payment provider in Firefox Marketplace, Bango. However, other payment providers can be supported by Firefox Marketplace. Other payment providers may be added to provide additional payment coverage, such as payment types, mobile operators, or countries. The payment provider Boku will be added to Marletplace shortly for this reason. It's also possible for payment providers to offer their services through Marketplace to provide you with a choice of provider, however, no payment provider has chosen to offer this option yet.

Transactions for a paid app are always made using one of the payment providers in Firefox Marketplace. If your app includes in-app payments, it's possible to use any payment provider, but you would have to implement the necessary commercial and technical requirements yourself.

What payment providers do

Each payment provider does the following:

  • collects the credit card or operator billing payment from a user for the purchase of your app or in-app products.
  • distributes the revenue from that payment to you and Mozilla (a nominal amount to cover Marketplace development and operation costs) and retains their fee for transacting the payment.
  • provides reporting on your revenues.  

Setting up your payment accounts

You set up accounts with payment providers on the Compatibility and Payments page of the Marketplace submission process, in the Payment Accounts section.

The Payment Accounts section of the Compatibility and Pricing page

While the information required to set up a payment account differs between payment providers, you'll generally need the following information:

  • your details: name, address, tax registration number, and (if you operate as a company) local company registration details.
  • bank account details: bank name, branch address, SWIFT or similar code, your branch's routing code, and your bank account number.

In most cases your payment provider will be operating in another country, therefore they will make payments to you using some form of international bank transfer. These transactions require a code that identifies the destination bank. The commonly used codes are:

  • SWIFT/BIC — this code identified the destination bank and you'll need to provide branch routing your account number (and possibly the branch routing code) separately.
  • IBAN — this code identifies the destination bank and your account together.

You can usually find the coding information for your bank by Googling your bank name and SWIFT (or BIC or IBAN) — look for a page on 'international transfers', 'receiving money from overseas' or similar on your bank's website in the results. In addition, there are some tools you can use to determine the relevant codes:

Details on setting up payment accounts with each provider are available on these pages: