In-app products

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Marketplace feature removal
The functionality described on this page no longer works — Firefox Marketplace has discontinued support for Android, Desktop, Tablets, and payments (and other related functionality). For more information, read the Future of Marketplace FAQ.

This page is not complete.

When using fxPay to implement in-app payments you create details of the products you want to sell within Firefox Marketplace. This page describes how to create in-app products within Firefox Marketplace for use with fxPay.


fxPay is currently an experimental API. Only consider using this library if you want to help us iron out bugs and don't mind dealing with API changes. For more information see In-app Payments with fxPay.

Do not use this page to create in-app product details for use with mozPay. Such in-app products need to be created on your own server. See here for more details.

On this page you define the products your app will sell using the fxpay API. Initially the page offers a button to add a product.

Prior to creating any in-app products the In-app Products page offer an "Add a product" button.

To add a new product, click Add a product.

Setup in-app products for use with fxpay by defining a product icon, name and price point. You can also define whether the item is active or inactive.

For each product you define:

  • an icon. The icon defaults to the one you've specified for your app. You can replace it with a product specific icon by clicking the icon and providing the URL of the new icon.
    To replace the app icon for an in-app product you need to specify the URL for the new icon.
    Note that if you click the icon but then don't provide a URL (click Cancel in the popup), the icon is hidden and you cannot change it. To recover the default icon, refresh the page and click Add a product again. For more information, see bug 1078112.
  • a product name.
  • a product price point, which you select from the dropdown list.

By default a new product is enabled, but you can choose to disable it. Once the details are complete, click Save.

The product is now given an ID and you can continue adding more in-app products or edit details of existing products.

Once an in-app product has been saved its given a unique ID and you have the option to edit in-app products or add more.

You can edit any details of an in-app product, but its ID remains unchanged.