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Introduction — Monetization

Marketplace feature removal
The functionality described on this page no longer works — Firefox Marketplace has discontinued support for Android, Desktop, Tablets, and payments (and other related functionality). For more information, read the Future of Marketplace FAQ.

You've worked hard on designing your latest app, and now you want to ensure it generates revenue. This section provides the information you need to implement and publish a paid app, a paid upgrade app, and apps using in-app payments or in-app advertising.

Publishing your app for profit
An overview to the development and publishing process for each type of monetized app, as well as details on refunds and how payments are processed.
Building paid apps
An introduction to creating an app users have to pay for.
Building for in-app payments
Guides to implementing support for in-app payments using fxPay or mozPay.
Details on refunds users can request and how they effect your app.
Validating a receipt
A guide to when and how to validate your app's purchase receipt, whether you want to implement the validation yourself or use an existing library.
App pricing tiers
Details of the fixed price points you can choose for your paid apps, and how these vary among different currencies, along with useful supporting information on dealing with app payments.
Country guide
Additional details, such as tax and exchange rates used, for each country where payments in the local currency are available.