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Monetization topics that have now been archived due to relevant functionality being removed from the Firefox Marketplace.

App pricing tiers
Pricing on the Firefox Marketplace can be tricky because pricing varies in across regions. This page tells you what you need to know about app pricing in terms of setting prices, revenue split, taxes, payment methods, receiving payments, fraud prevention, and more.
Building a Paid app
There are two kinds of payments made by app users in Firefox Marketplace apps: a payment made to purchase an app (a paid app) and a payment made to buy digital goods after the app is installed (an in-app payment). This page covers the code and workflow required to create paid apps.
In-app Payments
In-app payments information.
Introduction — Monetization
Payment processing and your revenue
Mozilla has worked with partners to create a system that is easy for both you and end users to navigate. Mozilla connects you with Bango and Boku to offer credit cards to a global audience and the convenience of direct carrier billing in a growing number of markets. Mozilla currently supports 14 local currencies through credit cards and has Direct Carrier Billing in 6 countries. The countries that aren't supported by local currency billing have credit card billing in USD available.
Publishing your app for profit
To offer a premium (paid) app you need to set it so it's installed from Firefox Marketplace. Then include code to verify a receipt issued by Marketplace, to make sure the app has been paid for before allowing it to run. For more information, see the App payments guide.
Where the user has purchase your app they may request a refund, refunds may be authorized by Mozilla, the payment processor, or the mobile network operator. These refunds will be authorized according to our refund policy in compliance with local consumer laws, the mobile operator's refund policy, and credit card refund policies.
Validating a receipt
If you have a paid app, you should check that a user has a valid receipt. If you do not check, someone can buy the app, get an immediate refund, and then have the app for free. Or someone can simply install the app by referencing the manifest file directly from your site. This article goes through the code and workflow needed to build in your own receipt validation.