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This page lists Firefox OS/B2G OS-specific additions to the navigator object that have since been marked obsolete and removed from the Gecko platform.

Returns a MozAlarmsManager object you can use to schedule notifications or applications to be started at a specific time.
Returns an Apps object you can use to install, manage, and control Open Web Apps in the browser.
This method is used to know if there are pending messages of a given type (true) ot not (false).
This method is used to allow applications to register a function handler that can receive — and react to — a message from the system.
Returns a Telephony object you can use to initiate and control telephone calls from the browser.
The Navigator.push read-only property is a PushManager object providing a way to receive notifications from third party servers. These are real-time notifications provided by external services directly to installed apps. This implements the SimplePush API that does not require sending real data on those notifications. Also, you can see this documentation for additional details, a guide to using the API, and sample code.

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