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Important: The resources here are very old, and probably obsolete. You would be better off starting at the Firefox OS homepage.

Resources for App hackers, as generated from our workshops

Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox OS Simulator

Developing/installing an app

Firefox OS Boilerplate App (work in progress)

(clean basic version with Install button, Web Activities, WebAPI examples, optional offline support etc)

Code for version with packaged app:

FxOSStub (template/design for an app with an Install button):

    Recommended: host on your own server or through GitHub pages    
    ( Example at


Design patterns:

Firefox OS Design Guidelines:



WebAPIs in version 1:

Documentation and their status for APIs:

Robert's slides on Web APIs

Writing (good) Webapps:

Firefox Marketplace & Developer Hub

File a bug on Marketplace!

Developer Hub

WebApps mailing list

Marketplace Development Server (expect bugs!)

Reference apps (Chrono, Face Value, Roller):


Pitfalls and helpers for mobile Web apps

Rob's slides on Pitfalls and Helpers