Firefox OS 1.3 for developers

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Gecko component of Firefox OS 1.3 is based on Firefox 28 (see Firefox 28 release notes for developers.) This page details the developer features newly implemented in Firefox OS 1.3.


General Gecko:

  • Support for multi-line flexbox has been added (bug 939901).
  • Longhand East Asian counter styles have been implemented (bug 934072).
  • Support for the background-blend-mode property has been added (bug 841601).
  • The none value has been added to font-variant-ligatures (bug 913264).
  • Support for the :hover user action pseudo-class on pseudo-elements has been implemented (bug 922669).
  • The -moz-grab and -moz-grabbing keywords on the CSS cursor property have been unprefixed to grab and grabbing (bug 880672).
  • Support for the -moz-hsla() and -moz-rgba() functional notations has been dropped. Only the unprefixed versions, hsla() and rgba() are supported from now on (bug 893319).
  • The "true" value for text-align has been added (bug 929991).
  • Experimental support of position:sticky is now active by default on non-release builds (bug 902992). For releases builds, the layout.css.sticky.enabled preference still needs to be set to true.
  • The all shorthand property has been added (bug 920633).
  • The unset global value has been added; it allows to reset any CSS property (bug 921731).
  • Curly brackets are no longer allowed in HTML style attributes: doing <div style="{ display: none }"> was working in quirk mode, but won't anymore bug 915053.
  • The overflow property now works on <fieldset> (bug 261037).


General Gecko:

  • The web components <content> element has been implemented (bug 854736).
  • WebVTT has been switched on by default (bug 887978).
  • <input type=color> has been implemented.
  • The allow-popups directive is now supported with the sandbox attribute of the <iframe> element (bug 766282).
  • Blending of HTML elements using the mix-blend-mode property has been implemented. The layout.css.mix-blend-mode.enabled preference must be set to true (bug 902525).


General Gecko:

EcmaScript 6 (Harmony) implementation continues!


Firefox OS-specific:

  • Multi-SIM support landed in Firefox OS (Dual-SIM-Dual-Standby or DSDS). navigator.mozMobileConnection becomes an array of MozMobileConnection instances, i.e. navigator.mozMobileConnections.  The privileged subset of this API can be used to detect MCC (country) and MNC (carrier), like in this snippet.
  • Contacts API now uses WebIDL (bug 850430), with associated changes:
    • Date properties now handled consistently across the Contacts code.
    • mozContacts.remove now accepts a contact ID for removal.
  • The DataStore API has been enabled by default in B2G for certified apps only (bug 967414), and its permissions have been tweaked bug 871445.
  • The WebIccManager API, which allows support for multiple sim cards, has had updates:
    • iccChangeEvent has been added using using event generator (bug 814637)
  • NFC has had updates:
    • onpeerready and onpeerlost callbacks added (bug 933136).
    • New interface added — checkP2PRegistration — plus the 'ChromeOnly' interfaces eventListenerWasAdded and eventListenerWasRemoved, to support basic PeerToPeer use cases.
    • New interfaces added to MozNfcManager DOM notifyUserAcceptedP2P and notifySendFileStatus (bug 959437).
    • sendFile interface added to MozNFCPeer (bug 933093).
  • The SpeakerManager API has been implemented, to allow usage such as FM Radio outputting to phone speakers (bug 854753).
  • Notification.get() added to Notification API to provide a way to get current notification objects (bug 899574).

General Gecko:


General Gecko:

  • Blending of SVG elements using the mix-blend-mode property has been implemented. The layout.css.mix-blend-mode.enabled preference must be set to true (bug 902525).


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