Firefox OS 1.1 for developers

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Firefox OS 1.1 is a pre-release version of Firefox OS, first offered to partners for release on October 21, 2013. Its Gecko component is based on Firefox 18 (see Firefox 18 for developers) just like Firefox OS 1.0.1, but with some additional bugfixes and APIs added. This page details the developer features newly implemented in Firefox OS 1.1.


Firefox OS-specific:

  • <input type="file"> enabled (see bug 832923 for details).


Firefox OS-specific:

  • When detecting <video> support for different formats, HTMLMediaElement.prototype.canPlayType now correctly reports false for h.264 video.


Firefox OS-specific:

Firefox OS HD support

Since Firefox OS 1.1, there are HD versions available to provide HD support for high-DPI devices. This is mostly just a visual change, dealt with in the same way that you'd deal with other devices of differing resolution, and you'll encounter nothing much in the way of underlying platform differences.

Fixed Firefox OS Issues

  • 817972: [Bluetooth][File-Transfer] Support multiple files transferring.
  • 834672: AppProtocolHandler.js should never throw.
  • 839500: Gaia‘s identity.js opens a browser process that‘s stuck in the foreground. Therefore, if you open the marketplace app, you lose ~10% of available app memory until you reboot the phone.
  • Memory fix for Persona logins.
  • 834773: Using the pick activity and confirming an image for the gallery — app gets hung with no perceived perf for 5–10 seconds

Resolved crashes

Feature highlights for Firefox OS 1.1

  • Multimedia Messaging (MMS) support added to the messaging app so that you can send pictures, video, and audio to contacts, or a text message to multiple people at the same time.
  • Saving images, video, and audio from the browser is now supported.
  • Email account contacts can now be imported from Gmail and Windows Live Mail (Outlook).
  • Email image, audio and video attachment download has been implemented.
  • Attaching and sending Gallery images now supported.
  • Email draft mode has been implemented.
  • Improvements to the dialer and contacts, such as easily adding a dialed number to an existing contact and dialer suggestions to easily find contacts.
  • Cell Broadcast implemented for simultaneous delivery of emergency messages to subscribed users.
  • Major performance improvements around application launch time and scrolling.
  • Music search to find music by artist, album or song title.
  • Firefox OS offers Calendar features such as:
    • Separate detail and edit views.
    • Alarm sound notification selection.
    • Direct event creation at specific date/time.

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