Firefox OS device features

Buttons and controls

A basic Firefox OS device has a small number of physical hardware buttons:

Home button
This button is generally centered below the screen. Pressing it will return you to the app launcher. Holding it down opens the card switching view; swiping up on an app in that view will terminate it.
Volume control rocker
Along the left side is the volume rocker; pressing the top half of the rocker increases the audio volume and pressing the bottom half decreases the volume.
Power button
The power button is at the top right corner of the device.

Minimum hardware requirements

Most recent ARM-based mobile devices are powerful enough to support porting Firefox OS. This section covers the basic hardware requirements as well as the recommended hardware features.

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU ARMv6 Cortex A5 class or better
ARMv7a with NEON
GPU Adreno 200 class or better
RAM 128 MB 512 MB
Connectivity WiFi
Sensors Accelerometer
Ambient light

Note: For a good user experience, it's a good idea to choose a device that offers a uniform color profile (implemented by the graphics device driver) and headphone support for muting and unmuting and for stopping and playing media. These features are common among modern smartphones.