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Reference apps

We have put together a number of sample apps for you to download, install, play with and learn from. Have fun!

Chrono is a simple chronometer with lap counter.
Face Value
Face Value is a currency conversion app that does things differently: instead of converting arbitrary amounts it shows you the actual denominations in the country you're visiting. It lets you think in your home currency even with a foreign currency in your pocket.
Podcasts is an offline-capable, entirely HTML5/JS audio app. It's chiefly designed for Firefox OS, but support for other platforms and browsers is an eventual design goal. It allows users to subscribe to any podcast and listen to it right from their Firefox OS device!
Roller is a micro blog app that allows you to post text, upload an image with an extension such as jpg, gif or png, or paste a link.
Webfighter is an R-Type and Tyrian inspired game where you must hunt down an alien bug and destroy it, pick up new weapons as you go along, and get the high score!
General Notes
General Notes is a simple note app that allows you to sync local and remote content.
rtcamera is a fun camera app to process images in real time, using Web technologies.