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This article describes the implementation and possible interactions with the scroll bar.Scrolling areas allow the user move text and/or images across the device's display.


A scrollbar (A) may be oriented either horizontally or vertically on the screen and automatically displayed on the right-hand side for vertical scrolling or bottom for horizontal.

The scrollbar is an indicator only and cannot be used as a control handle.

An index scrollbar (B) is always displayed on the right side of the screen and is always visible regardless of whether the user is scrolling the content or not.

An indexed scrollbar is used for alphabetically ordered lists such as contacts or music.

If the user starts scrolling directly over the component the system will switch to a “fast scrolling mode” making it possible to quickly jump to the selected letter.


To scroll directly to a specific group, the user taps on the corresponding letter or number on the index scrollbar.

To scroll to a specific index group, the user can drag their finger up or down over the index scrollbar and release when they reach the desired group.

The user released on H and was taken to the H group.

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