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The Picker is designed to select a group of items as attachments for messaging and email.


The picker typically consists of title, body and a "Done" button at the bottom of each page. The “Select All” button in the header is optional.

The Title will display the number of items the user has selected. A cancel button “X” is placed to the left of the title.

Using the inline preview picker gives users the ability to preview items within the picker without going to another view.


The user taps on the attachment button (the paperclip icon to the right of the title) to add an attachment to their email.

An action menu appears. The user taps “Music” to select a music file.

To select tracks the user taps on the checkbox.

  • The “Done” button (A) is disabled until an item has been selected.
  • The user taps “Select All” (B) to select all tracks.

To preview the song, the user can tap on the play button.

The song plays without leaving the current screen.

To stop previewing the user taps the “Stop” button.

Implementation guides

None as yet.