Debugging Firefox OS over WiFi

This article describes how to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to a Firefox OS device over WiFi.

You will need:

  • Firefox Desktop 39 or later
  • a Firefox OS device running a build of Firefox OS 3.0 from 2015-03-27 or later

If you need to use older versions of Firefox Desktop or Firefox OS, see the guide to debugging Firefox OS over USB.

Connecting over WiFi doesn't use ADB at all, and is therefore likely to be more reliable than the USB method.

Enable WiFi debugging

First, enable WiFi debugging on the Firefox OS device.

  1. Open Developer Settings on the device (Settings -> Developer)
  2. Check "DevTools via Wi-Fi"
  3. Edit the device name if desired

Select the device

In WebIDE, click the "Select Runtime" menu. You should see a section labeled "Wi-Fi Devices", and your device should appear under it:

Select your device.


Next, in the WebIDE you'll see a prompt with a QR code:

On the device, you'll see a connection prompt giving you options to "Scan" or "Scan and Remember". Choose one of the options and scan the QR code. Now WebIDE should connect to the device, and the device icon next to "Select Runtime" should turn blue to indicate this.

The QR code scanner can be a bit frustrating at the moment, as real devices appear to capture a very low resolution picture. Bug 1145772 aims to improve this soon. If you have trouble with this, try scanning with a few different orientations.

If you chose "Scan and Remember, then you won't have to scan the code again the next time you connect your computer to this device.


If you're having trouble getting this to work, check the Troubleshooting page for things to double check and support forums you can contact.